What is a revision round?


By Justin A

updated almost 2 years ago

Once we agree on the conceptual direction for your design, we offer a number of revision rounds based on your design package. A round refers to the feedback - implementation - presentation loop. Before a revision round, you'll provide feedback on the concept. We'll interpret and implement that feedback in the form of edits. Then we'll present the updated design as Revision 1. At this point, all feedback is added to the to-do list for Revision Round 2. This loop continues until you are happy with your design. A revision round happens each time we apply your suggested edits to a design. It will help both of us if you collect all of your feedback into one list with as much detail, clarity, and examples as possible.

Prairie Mountain Media is intent on you absolutely loving your site so we do set a limit to the number of changes to ensure that our clients don’t get stuck with the “perfection syndrome” where they continue to make changes again and again and again and never get their site live. Which then affects their business.

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