Who owns the website?


By Justin A

updated almost 2 years ago

A lot of work goes into the design and build of your website and clients may ask who owns the actual website. For the first term of your contract, Prairie Mountain Media "owns" your website while you still own your content. Once your initial term is complete you are the owner of the entire project. From there you can do what you please, whether it is to remain hosting with us and getting the same awesome service, or looking elsewhere.

So, once you have paid for your site in full and as long as all monies have been paid and are up to date than the project is "transferred" to you at the completion of the website and you will always retain complete ownership of the designs, artwork, logos, data, files, content and every part of your site.

Once you are no longer with us , you will not continue to get updates from us on all the software we provided. Due to the ever-changing landscape in online technologies, there is no guarantee your site will continue to work as it did prior to migrating it. Once it has been migrated you are solely responsible for any updates that are required. We will also provide a list of all software used so you can buy your own support and updates directly from them. This is recommended for long-term security and functionality.

If this all sounds like too much to handle, leave it to us!

We can not fix issues that are not related to software updates and WordPress.

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